Industrial Parts Cleaning

- Naturally the better solution!

Combined systems

As a special machine manufacturer, we develop the washing system that meets all requirements and customer demands, including combining various individual processes into an overall process. Spray equipment can be combined with a dipping basin and ultrasound support, for example, or spray and turning equipment built for components of up to 10 tons.

Special features:

  • Single and multi-stage processes with up to 3 baths
  • Fully stainless steel construction
  • Highest quality components and aggregates from European manufacturers
  • Variable conveying system (belt, chain or overhead conveying) with optional return

Optional features:

  • Process monitoring (throughput, pressure, conductance, pH, etc.)
  • Filter equipment
  • Steam condenser (air and water-cooled)
  • Oil separator
  • Dosing system
  • Inspection window and interior lighting
  • Additional rinsing baths
  • Wastewater piping and wastewater pump
  • Floor tray with leak warning sensor
  • and much more...

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